How it works.




Think of us as the cupid of student housing. You tell us more about yourself through a series of questions, and we fire the matchmaking arrow. Once we know all about your quirks, budget and preferences, you'll be introduced to a group of people we think you'll love- in a house that suits your needs. All our houses are in the heart of Leeds student areas helping you get the most out of this city.

Halls can be the right choice for some people. But for others looking to get the most out of their time at Leeds, we provide a solution you can’t ignore. Here’s why.


Halls can be super expensive. With Fledge, we find you accredited private landlords that you can trust for around 20% less than you'll pay in university halls.


Fledge Leeds

Our service doesn’t randomly allocate you like in halls. Instead, we use profiling methods to match you up with flatmates who are looking for a similar university experience. 


student housing Leeds

Not only will you be living in a proper house, you’ll be living in the thick of it in Hyde Park or Headingley. These are the real student areas- where everyone other than first years live. You won’t have to worry about living in the middle of nowhere, or in a lifeless high-rise building.

Let us fill you in on these parts of town.

When houses beat halls.