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Location, location, location.

Say hello to your new favourite city. Between Headingley, Hyde Park, the Universities and the City Centre, Leeds is bursting at the seams with bustling pubs, bars, cafés, shops, restaurants and more amenities than we can list. 


Scroll down to read about some of our favourites.


Hyde Park.

The hub of student activity in Leeds. Here you’ll find pubs, supermarkets, takeaways and brunch spots galore. But it’s not just great for solid grub and cheap pints- over the years, it’s cultivated its own identity, and is home to multiple culturally significant venues.


This includes Hyde Park Picture House, a 105 year old independent cinema with bags of vintage charm, and Hyde Park Corner, filled with legendary establishments like Hyde Park Book Club. All these spots are situated no more than a ten to fifteen minute walk from Leeds university campus, as well as being adjacent to a large park perfect for runners or summer beers and barbecues. 

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Hyde Park Picture House.

The only cinema in the UK still to use gas-lamps, this establishment has stood the test of time, providing an authentic cinematic experience for generations. With a unique vintage interior and £6 tickets, there’s no better place in Yorkshire to enjoy both blockbusters and indie art films alike.

Hyde Park Book Club 

This local institution is host to regular creative events bringing everything from poetry to plant sales to your doorstep. With jazz spilling out onto the street multiple nights a week, as well as weekend meditation classes for your unwinding needs, this place deserves to be one of your regular haunts.

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Brunch spot by day, jazz bar by night, LS6 is never a bad shout. You’ll also find a wide selection of bites and board games to keep you busy. 

Burley Park Train Station 

In addition to giving you fast access to the city centre, use this station to reach beautiful parts of the Yorkshire countryside like Hebden Bridge and Ilkley.

Bus route 

Regular access to universities, city centre, Headingley and beyond.

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Brudenell Social Club

This pub-come-music-venue has played host to some of the North’s greatest up and coming musicians over the years, with bands like Arctic Monkeys gracing its stage before their rise to fame. You can be guaranteed a cheap pint and plenty of outdoor seating.


Royal Park Pub 

Featuring one of the cheapest pints in Leeds, the RPP has achieved a notorious student status. From quiz nights to karaoke, you’re guaranteed an eventful evening.


Providing the best fry-up breakfast in the North is no easy feat, but Popina’s rises to the challenge with hungry enthusiasm. If you’re feeling brave, tackle their mega breakfast challenge for a free meal- but we’re warning you, you’ll regret it.

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Two Sainsbury’s, a Co-operative and a healthy handful of off-licenses mean that you have access to supplies around-the-clock.

Headingley, while slightly further from the University, comes with its own unique and wonderful perks. It’s like its own little town, buzzing with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.


Despite bursting at the seams with students, it’s a quieter spot than Hyde Park, and you’ll find a sizeable community of Leeds locals living here too. 


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Charity shops 

Headingley charity shops can be an absolute goldmine for finding vintage clothes, records, books and more. Make sure to check them out frequently for the best finds!

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Otley Run

One of the UK’s most renowned pub crawls, the 23-bar-strong Otley Run starts near Headingley and continues through it, going on to the University and finishing in the city centre. Few manage to complete it, and those that do wear it as a badge of pride.

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Chain favourites 

If you’re needing some comfort food, the classics are available too- KFC, Pizza Express, Greggs, Nandos and many more are dotted around the centre of Headingley.

Train station

In addition to giving you fast access to the city centre, use this station to reach beautiful parts of the Yorkshire countryside like Hebden Bridge and Ilkley.

The Bowery 

An independent café and creative hub. The Bowery offers a wide range of arts and crafts workshops including six-week painting courses, jewellery workshops and poetry classes.

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International cuisine

Where Hyde Park’s strength lies in the humble takeaway, Headingley’s forté is the restaurant. Find delicious and reasonably priced food from Greece, Thailand, Italy, Japan, Malaysia and more. Don’t hesitate to ask us for recommendations, we’ve tried it all- well, most of it.

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Cricket ground

Some of Headingley’s highlights include the world-famous cricket ground which hosted the most eventful test match in years in August 2019, where Ben Stokes hit a century to keep England in the Ashes. Make sure to get yourself to a match!

Bus route 

With the University just a ten minute bus ride away and the city centre a 20 minute ride, Headingley is home to many bus stops with very frequent buses. It’s also walkable!