A walk around campus

Being a student in Leeds is something that we at Fledge have all been lucky enough to experience first-hand. The greatest formative years of our lives were spent enjoying the many places that make up the campus of Leeds.

At the heart of the campus is the Student Union, the largest student union in the UK. It’ll be here where you will discover the hobby that will captivate your weekday evenings or be centre-piece at the weekend. There are over 300 different clubs & societies, spanning music, martial arts and cultural societies. There really is something for everyone to be involved with and the choice is a testament to the diversity of interests present on campus. You will always be able to find something that suits you. The Union is also the best place on campus to catch up with friends and enjoy a bite, a pint at terrace in the sunshine or enjoying the footie and a pub quiz at Old Bar whilst sampling some of West Yorkshire’s best ales.

The Union consistently has a calendar jammed with some of the greatest bands’ gig and club nights so you can be sure that there is something with your tastes in mind. The Union’s two theatres often put on student productions so you’ll also be able to catch a friend’s play or be involved yourself. Ever expanding, the Union now has a Co-Op, a bank and an opticians giving it all the amenities of a well-stocked and diverse small village. It is a place that has so much to offer throughout your time here.

The Brotherton Library’s clocktower is easily seen from many places on campus and is synonymous with the University and the city. This art-deco library provides the backdrop for hard-work, in-depth projects and shared moments with friends.

The space is the perfect place to cultivate study and pursue your ideas, indulging your scholarly side amongst the stacks. Sometimes, you’ll spend more time here than you will at home whilst working on essays & during busy exam periods.

The Roger Stevens building is where you will spend most of your time in lectures. This beautiful brutalist structure was designed by the same architects behind the Barbican and the Golden Lane Estate in London. The interior was designed after extensive research into the needs of students at the University to create ideal teaching spaces. It takes a couple of weeks to work out the labyrinth network of theatres and corridors that sometimes you feel the interior of the building has shifted. Learning to navigate this central building on campus and its various paths to other libraries and clusters in its vicinity will be a sign that you’ve finally mastered the campus.

Hyde Park feels like an extension of the campus yet is sheltered from the pace of life on campus. It’s a spot for picnics, BBQs, gatherings and the occasional game of quidditch. All it takes is 30 minutes of sunshine for students to realise where they ought to be. Any excuse is enough. Many an hour will be spent taking a step back and enjoying the green hub of student life in Leeds.

The campus is its mixture of quiet spaces for reflection and open areas for coming together. It’s a magical place but it’s as much about the people who come to study here as it is about its buildings and green spaces. The impressions that these places will leave on you will quickly make Leeds feel like home, and continue to do so after your time at Leeds as it has for us.

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