A love letter to Leeds...

Leeds is a city that wins over many hearts. We chatted to some of this year's graduates to find out what they'll miss most about living in the thick of it.


Hyde Park. What a weird and wonderful place. Having spent four years of my life there it really did feel like home to me. Moving out of my final house was actually heartbreaking! From rogue Sainsbury's purchases at 1am, meeting new people every other night at parties, to the Hyde Park Picture House on your doorstep. This place really has everything going for it to have an unforgettable student experience.”


I loved that Hyde Park's super close to uni and right by the park too. There's a good social side of things with places like Hyde Park Book Club and Royal Park Pub. I miss living in such a studenty area and Leeds drinks prices!”


Something I noticed about Headingley straight away was the community art project. Every electricity box has a painted mural on it. So on a gloomy grey day they added a pop of colour and personality to the area.
For me it's the weekday evenings with my housemates that I really miss! We used to go over to Otley Road and spend hours playing board games in Growlers (nursing a craft beer each). You can't miss the Otley Run either! Some of the costumes we saw were brilliant. ”

Wherever you end up living in Leeds, one thing is pretty certain. The city's charm and character will leave you hungry for more, and maybe you'll never leave.

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